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Here's how you apply for doggy daycare, Bed n' Buddies boarding and PackLeader Obedience. 

On the Application & waiver page you will find two 'W' icons. You can download them and fill them out online. Then forward your application, waiver and a copy of your dogs vaccines to us via the email above. We can now book your dog in for a trial day of daycare. I will reply via email to you the same day or the following morning to set up the trial. 


There are three documents below, on this page, that are required reading for new pack members. This information is helpful in understanding how we operate our dog daycare during pickup and drop off, our hours of operation and our 'do not disturb' time.


There is also a list of what you can expect to see from your dog in the first week or two of attending daycare. I would advise that you read that as well. Also read our policies. You must stick to our policies regarding the dogs and the safety of the daycare, or you could risk losing your spot and not receive a refund on unused days. 

Sitting in a crate or even a nice kennel, with only
an hour here or there to run and nothing compared

to running free and having friends to frolic with all day.

By Appointment Only!


Our dog daycare is a member based daycare. Our spots are only available if purchased in advance and the dog attends on a regularly set schedule. Days booked are now yours and can not be sold to anyone else. 

You can purchase a full time spot, known as the VIP, (Very Important Pup), or one, two, three or four days a week, known as PM1, 2, 3 or 4 (Pack Member days). 


We assess each dog and take only friendly, healthy dogs. We are insured and lisensed, and have a secured fence and locked gates at all times. We are dig proof as well as have 6' tall fencing. We don't walk the dogs, but keep them within the daycare, safe from outside harm and unexpected events. This makes us your 'safe choice' for your darling dog.


For pup daycare we offer free puppy training and will work with you to fully house train your pup, teach you how to set house rules and how to follow through. You'll even learn how to growl.

We don't crate dogs unless we need to for training or injury, so you don't have to worry that your dog won't get the exercise he or she needs daily. Aside from nap time, they have tons of playtime. (One fitbit for dogs, worn by a clients dog showed her running 15 km in one day.)

As a member, you are asked to bring your dog at least once each week, as a dog that goes too long between visits can get overly exited about being back, and that energy can be trouble for the dog or the pack. And a close friend could end up with a new friend. Sad :(

Keeping the pack calm and safe is our first priority, so late arrivals or disturbing the pack outside of drop off or pickup hours can cause you to lose your membership.  We need to have our rules in place for the enjoyment of the neighbourhood and the protection of the pack and it's handler.


Please read the Rules and requirements page for all information. 

In-Home cage free dog vacay!


Doggy DooLil offers a luxury boarding program for your best friend for weekend and extended stays with dogs that are well known and trusted, in an open concept environment with no kennels or crates around, and in the comfort of our home.

Because we live and work with the dogs, you will always find us available for your early or late arrival or departure, so make sure to ask and at a nominal fee.


We offer 2 spots at any one time, so book your dogs stay well in advance. These spots fill up fast. 


A 50% non refundable deposit is required at time of booking to hold your spot, and full payment is due at time of drop off. We take Visa, M/C, Apple pay and Discover card. We also accept e-transfers and cash.


Bed n' Buddies includes treats, daycare and full access to our home. No Crates or Kennels. A total open concept dog vacay. 

Give us a call to book one of our superior services.

Private one-0n-one training.


We offer on site or off site one-on-one 
training and will come to you at your home for a private session. We will work on issues that you struggle with daily like counter grazing, jumping up, barking, house training, and not listening. 


We help you understand how to read your dog and how you can easily, without words, but through action, show your dog what you want and when. Is your dog nearing 2 years old and acting out? Is it too late? No...just time for some Pack Leadership training.



The Board & Train program is not basic obedience. It was designed to have your young pup here during the work week working on boundaries, rules and limitations such as; house training, counter grazing, nipping, jumping up, barking, rough play etc... then after you receive your training session with Mimi, the dog goes home with you for the weekend, working on your new training skills and calm assertive energy.

It's an excellent option for those who want that well-behaved canine family member in and out of the home, but don't have the time to do all the work required. You will receive training sessions as well, included in the program. With hard work and good communication with your dog, this could be as short as 2 weeks.  

Aggressive or bullying behaviour by the dog will be cause for cancellation and ending of program. We want to avoid this behavior, so start early on, around 3 or 4 months old. 

Mimi the Pack Leader


Mimi the dog whisperer!

Things to watch for 

Etiquette of members

List of daycare beware

Guiding principles of
Doggy Doolil daycare
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