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In-home Boarding instead of a kennel?

Here at Doggy DooLil daycare we offer in-home open concept dog boarding with daycare for your dog when you need to travel and don't want to kennel your dog. For that reason, any non member looking to board with us needs to be friendly and fun, and have good basic obedience or is a pup in training.


Some kennels can have a lasting and negative psychological effect on your dog. Your dog might not do too well in a 10 x 6 cage with no human or dog contact for hours at a time. Here we don't kennel or cage our guests and we have a very dog friendly home with full time supervision in a safe and controlled home environment.


We aim to mentally stimulate and physically exercise your dog in our open concept daycare throughout the week. On weekends we cuddle up warm after going on outings to the park or the beach. We have toys and activities galore! It's like doggy camp! So why not think of it as their vacation as well.


We are proud to offer our in-home boarding under a legal license, with up to 2 spots, and we are also fully insured for the protection of your dog and certified in Pet First Aid and dog training. We also have a 7 stage Hepa filtration system that cleans the air and kills viruses and bacteria for the protection of our members and family. 


We fill up fast, so book well in advance. Our rates reflect our commitment to give your pup the best. We do that by offering a unique service, as no one else offers an intimate, safe, home based, open concept, member based dog daycare and boarding like this one.

So c'mon...give the dog a bone!

  • Boarding 24/hrs. $70.00 (8am to 8am)

  • Second dog receives 15% off

  • Weekday day boarding $50.00 (8am to 5pm)

  • Weekend day boarding $55.00 (9am to 4pm)

  • Puppy potty training $10/day extra

  • Additional discount for extended stays 15%

  • Holiday/ Long weekends add $15.00/day


Our Holiday Statutory rate is in effect for these dates listed below. For long weekends, the rate is applied to all days booked from Friday to Monday.

  • December 24 - New Year

  • Easter 

  • Victoria Day

  • Canada Day 

  • BC Day 

  • Labour Day 

  • Thanksgiving 


  • Check in 6 am - 9 am 

  • Check out 7 am - 9 am or 2 pm - 5 pm Weekdays

  • Weekdays billed from 8 am - 8 am

  • Weekends billed from 9 am – 9 am

  • Weekend check in 9 am - 10 am unless otherwise requested

  • Weekend check out 3 pm-4 pm unless otherwise requested

  • You must schedule your drop off and pickup
    (This is my home)

  • Bring bed or crate if in training or still potty trained

  • Dog friendly home and couch and pet beds are shared

  • Bring food, meds and a list of when to feed and any special requests

  • No RAW food allowed

  • Board and train is available and listed on the Packleader page

  • Absolutely No females in heat

  • Any damage done must be covered by dog owner

*Above totals do not include GST

Doggy DooLil daycare offers in-home Bed n' Buddies boarding for weekend or extended stays. We only have 2 spots at any one time.

A deposit will be required to hold your spot, and full payment in due at time of drop off.

GST    # 829111806

We have a commercial strength,
7 stage HEPA air purification system!

It effectively removes dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke, odors and harmful VOC’s
(volatile organic compounds) for a clean and virus free space

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