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This is where CARING, SEEKING and PLAY makes FEAR, GRIEF and RAGE go away.

To ensure that our regular pack members mental and physical needs are met, we encourage Seeking, Playing and also Caring, which are 3 Core positive emotions that dogs should be allowed to go through daily. This will help reduce the fear, grief and rage, which are core animal emotions too. It helps alleviate anxiety or stress some dogs might be feeling after being left home alone. Especially now, with 2020 lockdowns and faces hid behind masks. 


Dogs live in packs and its not natural for them to separate from each other, and separation anxiety can set in. Our lives are so busy going here and there, so its good to introduce them to a different way of living early on, to help them cope with the separation. Learning how to address this early on will save you a lot of doors, window screens and furniture rearranging or destruction. Attending daycare even just once a week, with some training and advice, can help with that, and so much more. Regular attendance help the dogs make and keep their friends in a safe and welcoming space. We don't separate by size or energy, and they nap together, not stuck in a crate for an hour or more, away from each other. As of 2023 we only accept small to medium sized dogs under 70 lbs. 


As a member of the daycare you will get a lot of free advice and training exercises, even when you don't want it. Some things are hard to hear, but its my job to alert you of any issues I see, and address them right away. Puppy Socialization is so vital for a healthy and stable dog, and if they learn boundaries and limitations early on, life at home won't be so hectic. Learning the rules at home and also at daycare will instill, early on, an agreeable and happy dog, who'll know what is and isn't allowed, and loves to follow the rules. Communication is key! Have you tried growling yet? There are many ways to growl and know which one at the right time will save you a lot of arguing. And who argues with a dog? LOL


Most dogs want to play, and let’s face it…it’s fun! Playing is an essential part of building up a strong bond between you and your dog.  The stronger the bond you have with your dog, the more trusting the relationship is, and the more eager your dog will be to listen to you and want to please you. Same goes with their dog friends. Dogs gravitate towards fun and exciting energy, so even though you want and need to be a calm leader, you really have to be that fun and exciting one that they look up to and follow as well.  We teach just that. They never forget their friends in life, and to give them a chance to build on that friendship is PRICELESS, and you'll be the one providing that!


I know you want to find a daycare where there are rules and boundaries in place every day. You want to have your dog in a daycare that teaches him or her social graces, good manners, and respect of others space, in a calm, loving and assertive manner. We do that and so much more. If you want your dog to feel loved in a safe setting, and have someone looking out for his or her best interest in a controlled and regulated environment, then this pack leader is the right one for your dog. I have animal behavior training and obedience training certification, and have wrangled dogs for almost 18 years now. I don't believe in kennels or crates, unless used in an emergency or as a training tool. I also believe I couldn't do this without the pack. 

Harness the power of the pack. It's PRICELESS !!

Mimi Jacobson C.P.D.T

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