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Dear Mimi

Our rescue girl Bailey has learned so much from you!


I remember the first day I called upon you as we were desperate for some help with what we perceived to be ‘dog aggression’ with our new family member.  You took the time to speak with me in a candid and knowledgeable way that led us to arrange an in-person meeting with you that week.  Having had dogs most of my life I thought I knew what it was to be a good ‘dog mom’ but you have shown us there is so much more to learn and do to ensure our fur babies are living up to their full potential.  Who knew we had to understand pack leadership in order to make our dogs feel safe?  You helped us to see that Bailey was not vicious; she was scared and it was our job to help her feel safe. 


The first day we brought Bailey to Doggie Doo Lil daycare I was very nervous about how she might react with the other dogs but your calm and controlled manner soon put us at ease.  Imagine my delight when I saw Bailey running around playing with the pack at Doggie Doo Lil having the time of her life on her first day!    We are so very happy to be able to give this gift to Bailey; she did not have a good start in life but she is sure making up for lost time now!   She can hardly wait to get out of the car when we arrive at daycare which only serves to reinforce the great choice we have made by entrusting our girl to your care.  I look forward to picking her up and seeing how happy she is.  I also am always so grateful for your helpful hints in working with Bailey’s little idiosyncrasies; we have come so far in a few short weeks.


Thank you for making such a wonderful place available for families to entrust their beloved dogs to.  Your set up is warm, welcoming and tailor-made to ensure your guests enjoy their day to the max.  We feel very lucky that we found someone who clearly has such a passion for their chosen profession.  The care you show the dogs is heart warming.  We look forward to being a part of the Doggie Doo Lil pack for many happy years and to continuing to evolve as experienced pack leaders ourselves with your tutelage.




Tricia, Brad & Bailey


My dog Rosie has been coming here for nearly a decade so I believe I can share an authentic and detailed review. Spoiler: It's the best doggy daycare in the area by FAR. I'm writing this review in an effort to neutralize some targeted reviews that are at best, incorrect, but more likely malicious in nature. Rosie's a dog who was rescued from the pound and had separation anxiety so she howled at home, culminating in strata fines. Mimi has become her second mom, and I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. With no support system here, Mimi is a life saver. Other than a daily daycare, she boards Rosie during my holiday breaks, helps her convalesce after cruciate knee operations and saves me so much stress and anxiety whilst I'm at work knowing she's safe. I tried two daycares before Mimi, both run by people who had no natural understanding or empathy towards dog training and natural pack dynamics. Needless to say, we left because I didn't feel they had total control of the dogs.
Mimi has a natural understanding of the pack, one that she's augmented with considerable reading and research. She is a tough, no nonsense pack leader to whom all the dogs look up to and respect. She's calm, extremely empathetic and consistent, allowing the dogs to be themselves to a point, but the borders of their behavior are very firm and understood. This means the dogs can be dogs more so here than any other daycare, but if anyone steps out of line or goes too far, Mimi lets the dogs respond naturally at first and only steps in if necessary. Trust me, this approach works so well, and whilst the pack is constantly changing, made up of big dogs and small, noisy and timid, rambunctious and calm, young and old, certain things stays the same: The dogs respect Mimi, they respect the boundaries of behavior, they have fun and they're safe. Mimi has invested a lot in the place too with pools, beds, shade nets and artificial turf. The dogs can be indoors and out too so they always find their niche.
Ok, onto the negative reviews posted... Mimi is flexible if she knows what's going on. She's bent over backwards for me with emergency boarding, early and lates etc. She does however get peed off when people are late or early and don't inform her. She wears her heart on her sleeve and some people get super defensive when she gets annoyed with them for breaking the rules. Even though they've contravened the policies to which they've signed up to, they take it out on her via negative reviews. You're reading these reviews for insight into the quality of your dog's daycare and I can assure you it's great. The negative reviews are inauthentic. Oh, and one last thing... I've been on her naughty list once or twice and I can assure you that she never holds a grudge, so the next day everything is always smiles again!

Alex and Rosie

Tucker training_edited.jpg

We had some serious issues with our 14 month old black lab. Mimi came to us and met our puppy and sat down with us and explained many things in detail of how to correct his behaviour. This was Sept 1/19, now Sept 6th we have a completely different puppy. He is no longer continuing the behaviour and he is a pleasure to be around. it's been 5 days and I didn't think it was possible we had tried everything. I know it is still new but as long as we keep up our boundaries and limitations I know we will continue to have a wonderful family pet.

Thank you so much Mimi!


My dog Max has been a pack member at Mimi’s daycare for six years. Max was a rescue who came to live with us when he was three. He is part terrier so some of his behaviours were very challenging. After he became a pack member at Doggy DooLil his behaviour changed for the better. Mimi was able to help me with tips on how to show him that I was the boss and not him. Mimi is gentle but firm with all of the members. She runs a very professional business that I highly recommend. Max is always happy to see his friends at Doggy DooLil Daycare.


This daycare has been so wonderful for our dog! The owner, Mimi, is amazing to watch with the dogs. They listen to her and respect her in such a way that I decided to also book some training with her. The results were awesome, and have made my life easier too because our dog has started to look at me as the leader. I trust Mimi wholeheartedly to look after my dog and I also trust her to tell me the truth. The advice she has given me in regards to my dogs behavior has worked every time. Highly recommend!

Colleen 2018

I want to bring some clarity to some reviews that have been made spitefully by a person we'll call CNSRD. He has an aggressive, out of control husky that has also been kicked out of my dog daycare and Mimi's place because he attacks other dogs. Mimi and I have to go into a dog fight like a fireman runs into a burning building. It's super scary and the potential for injury is high. So CNSRD was told repeatedly about his dogs behavior from both of us but they still choose to do nothing about it. Instead, he just gets mad and writes bad reviews because he feels he has no other recourse but to strike out. Sadly, the dog clearly reflects his owner example. We work hard to make a safe environment for friendly dogs to play. Before you pass judgement on Mimi because of CNSRD, his anger issues and his friends who have also passed on some lie reviews, go check her out. See for yourself. Being in business for 15 years doesn't happen by accident.

Colleen 2019


My dog Woody’s life wouldn’t be the same without Doggy DooLil Daycare. I started taking him 5 years ago, once a week, as a puppy to learn to socialize. He loved it so much that we never stopped going. Wednesdays are the highlight of his week (actually of his life) when he gets to visit Mimi and the rest of his pack.

Henry Ross

I can’t say enough about Doggy DooLi’l daycare and Mimi it’s pack leader. For my dog, it’s not a daycare, it’s a family he gets to visit weekly. We started taking him there 11 years ago, when he was just a puppy. He was an “only dog” so we took him to Doggy DooL’il once a week to socialize him to other dogs. The original plan was to stop after a few months, but he loved it so much that that we just had to continue as a weekly play-day ever since. He gets excited in the car when we’re a few blocks away and when he was younger, he didn’t want to go home at pick-up time. His visit is the highlight of his week. He also enjoys Bed’n’Buddies boarding with Mimi when we travel somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs. If you look on the doggydoolil website, his is the little white nose poking out of the blanket in the picture under the Bed’n’Buddies tab…just chilling with his buddy. Seriously, his quality of life wouldn’t be the same without Mimi and his "pack".




Our dog has been going to this daycare for five years. He is excited to start playing with the other dogs every time we drop him off. We have never had an issue booking overnight boarding or daycare. The facility is kept clean and the dogs are free to roam all day long without being cooped up in a kennel

Storm S


Mimi is so knowledgable about dogs and is so helpful with all our training needs! Our pup LOVES going to daycare and gets so excited when we get there! I would recommend Doggy Doo Lil' to anyone looking for a safe and engaging environment for their dog!

Michaela & Ortiz

labby 1.jpg

My boyfriend and I are very happy to see our dog super happy going to Doggy Doolil Daycare every single day, and it was the best decision we made for the sake of our dog. This daycare has very cool concept of doggy daycare, where it is almost like leaving your dog to the most trusted friend of yours with expertise in dog training who live in a house with yard. You cannot ask for any better than that for a doggy daycare. Not only the exercise our dog gets, he also learns the valuable lessons from the pack leader Mimi - about how to live in the pack in harmony and respect one to another. That makes me wonder sometimes why we all humans cannot learn the same thing our dogs learn and live in harmony. Mimi also has been helpful to us when going through a bit of tough times training our dog home, which may have had something to do with possibly very bad experiences he has had back in Mexico. We cannot thank her enough for that. We always recommended Doggy Doolil who were looking for a doggy daycare in the area, and we will continue doing so for what we know, hopefully help others make the best decision for their dogs like we did. Mimi's focus is always the best interest and welfare of the dogs under her care, and she ultimately makes decisions for the same reason, no matter how tough the decisions may have been from time to time.

Kaori  2019


Love boarding my dog here - I've boarded Bentley at Doggy Doolil 3 times just this summer alone, closer to 7 times over the past couple of years. It gives me peace of mind to be able to board Bentley at Doggy Doolil anytime I have a trip or vacation. I never worry about him while away and know he's in good hands. Other boarding places keep your dog kenneled for hours and hours but no such thing here. Definitely recommend for daycare or boarding.


nala 1.jpg

Our 1 1/2 year old standard schnauzer, Rio has been going to Mimi for 2 weeks. We are so impressed with Mimi's calm , assertive presence and are very confident that we are leaving Rio in a safe, fun place with behavior expectations that will help us continue to train him and turn him into a well behaved, calm adult dog. He always comes back happy and Mimi has provided us with positive feedback and training tips. I would recommend Doggy Doolil to anyone who is looking for dog friendly environment that is operated by a trained professional, so that your dog ends up truly benefiting!

Shelley and Rio

I've been taking my collie Nala to Mimi and Doggy Doolil for 3 plus years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Mimi is all about the dogs. She treats them like family and genuinely has their best interests at heart.

Doug 2019


I am super happy that I found Mimi's daycare! I have been taking my pup to Doggy DooLil for over a year and always know that he is safe and well cared for. Mimi provides a fun environment in her home and yard for all the dogs to enjoy their time there. She truly cares about all of the dog's welfare.

Diana 2019


I would absolutely recommend Mimi and Doggy DooLil. When we first got our lab puppy she was beautiful but she was a handful. She was destructive and disobedient. For 10 months we tried everything we could think of from training to finally anxiety medication. Took her to the vet repeatedly. Met with different trainers and sought out advice from our dog owner friends. We were quickly losing all hope that we would be able to keep her in our home if we could not get her under control. I was afraid to come home after work to see what was destroyed at the house or if the teenagers were more scared of her.

Then I found Mimi!!
We met with Mimi and after just a few days of daycare I started to see some hope. Mimi offered us alternate techniques to try for training when she was at home with us. After only 3 weeks of part-time daycare our beautiful puppy no longer needed her anxiety medication. Mimi and her daycare provides both the love and the outdoor and indoor activities for these dogs to thrive!
After 3 months of going to the daycare part-time we asked if we could increase the amount of daycare days because of how excited our puppy was to go in the morning to see Mimi and play with her puppy friends.

We now have a loving but rambunctious playful puppy that doesn’t destroy our house. She now gives us cuddles and kisses and no longer struggles with anxiety . Thank you Mimi for caring about our dogs.

Shannon & Rascal


We’ve been taking our new puppy Ozzy to Mimi’s for the past 3 months and he’s been a lot calmer and obedient since attending daycare there. Mimi is also very helpful in providing us with tips and training techniques to help us with Ozzy. He loves going there and is a member of the pack. She’s also been able to board Ozzy for us when we have to be out of town. We’ve used other facilities in the past with our other dog and I would trust Mimi hands down over our past experiences. Mimi has a gentle but firm disposition with the dogs and you can immediately see the pack defers to her as leader. The change in behaviour and demeanour in Ozzy has been a huge positive step forward for us and he’s so much better for attending the daycare and socializing in an environment that my wife and trust him to be in. We would highly recommend Mimi and Doggy DooLil Daycare.

Sunny 2019

Lucy Bella_edited.jpg

I have trusted Michelle with my two labs since they were both pups. Over 4 years now. I have also boarded them for as long as two weeks at a time. I have complete trust of the facility and of Michelle. My first concerns with putting them in daycare, was aggressive dogs and letting my two do what ever they want. LOL Not here boundaries are established within the pack. Michelle is the alpha as it should be. The place is definitely 5 star, but there are rules, and for that i am truly grateful.


Cheers. Michael 2019


I have been taking my dog Loki to Mimi's for 9 years now. Loki is very happy to go there in the morning and very happy to see me at pickup time and you really cant ask for too much more than that. Mimi ensures that her pack gets along with each other and you can see the harmony after the initial excitement of drop-off and pick-up. Mimi has been very accommodating towards us for late pick-up and boarding due to my work requirements. I highly recommend "Alpha" Mimi's daycare to anyone who wants a worry free environment for their furry best friend.

Samo and Loki


This is in response to the review from cnsrd. I am the owner of the dog that your dog so viciously attacked. first off, stop trying to make it sound as though this was a small scuffle that Mimi wasn't able to handle. Your dog mauled my dog, and she has the puncture wounds and swelling to prove it. We have had to give her anti inflammatory's and clean her wounds. She has barely moved off the couch and is obviously very sore. And let me clarify, she is a large, very strong Boxer. It would have been difficult for your dog to take her down, but he had the intention to attack and hurt her, so he did. You seem upset that your dog was kicked out after this one incident, this one incident left a dog injured, how angry would I be if she had let that dog back in? How do you figure it's responsible of her to let a dog who has attacked and injured another dog back into the daycare only to put all of the other dogs at risk. Give your head a shake. Mimi is responsible for taking care of your dog during business hours and controlling the pack appropriately. She cannot control how the dog is raised, treated and trained at home. You have shaped this dog's behavior, his aggression is on you. You are very clearly a typical irresponsible dog owner who has spent no time or effort training your dog, and now you've thrown him in daycare hoping they can fix the issues you've created....that's not Mimi's job. And I just want to say that I have witnessed first hand how poorly behaved your dog is every single time I drop my dog off. We have been coming to this daycare for 7 years and never have I witnessed an act of aggression like this. There will always be small scuffles when you get a group of dogs together, and Mimi has never had any problems managing and correcting the dogs with ease. I have never felt like my dog was unsafe at Doggy Doo Lil, she has always been in very good hands. You talk about how she does nothing with them and sprays them with hoses and pokes them in the chest. So tell me, why are they always so excited to be there? My dog races to the door wagging her tail every time I drop her off, she adores Mimi. They all do. Doesn't seem like this would be the case if they were being neglected or abused all day. This really shows what kind of a person you are. Had my dog ever acted aggressively towards another dog my only thought would be to contact that dog's owner directly to personally apologize, I would feel horrible. Thankfully my dog is well loved, trained and taken care of so this isn't something I need to worry about. I feel badly for Kasper, I don't think he has any hope of being well adjusted in your hands.

Kelsie & Kenny

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