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 PACKLEADER School of Obedience 

Here we focus on teaching YOU how to be an awesome dog owner! We offer classes and private one on one sessions. Classes are small and offers a more intimate time to work on each dog. It also offers you a chance to see how other dog owners are struggling, and gives you an opportunity to learn more tricks and communication skills. 

For your private sessions, I come to your home to show you how you establish rules and boundaries within your home in a calm and assertive way, without the yelling and feeling of frustration. This relieves the dog of the frustration of knowing what is expected of them and they learn to relax.

You will learn how to communicate with your dog in a way that the dog understands. If you establish yourself as the leader from the very start, your pup won't take on the leadership role and ultimately turn into a monster. It will follow you, and love and respect you, and keep their eye on you at all times.


FYI, most dogs are rehomed at around 2 years old. Lets avoid the bad habits we tend to get stuck with and realize that love and discipline need to be in balance for a healthy mind and spirit. We owe them that much. That's where calm assertive energy comes in.

My aim is to set you up for success with your dog. That way your dog can also become a happy Member of our daycare and Bed & Buddies services if you so desire. It's always good to have Mimi there when you need a last minute solution for your pup.

I want your dog to focus, listen, and follow the rules and share and be a good friend. You want your dog to behave around your guests and children. This takes leadership and setting some rules and boundaries.


So if you want a social and confident dog that plays well at the dog park and around your friends and family at home, and doesn't suffer with anxiety and whines all the time, I can help you with that.


All you need is the courage to take a pack leader position and lead in calm love and respect.

Mimi Jacobson C.P.D.T 

Pack Leader Assessment

You will receive a Free Phone Assessment of your need and skill level, and we will discuss your options and tools available on how to best address your dogs specific issues. Prepare all your points before calling so we can get all issues addressed.

  • 30 minutes 


Pack Leader Training

Do you have a Demanding, Aggressive, Fearful or Anxious dog and you Wonder where your dog went?

Are you struggling with your now almost 2 year old dog and he just isn't the same dog you raised and you wonder where your dog went? 

The problem we have is that most dogs are rehomed at 2 years old. And they are hard to rehome because whoever had the dog utterly failed them. They end up in a cage and most of them are euthanized. That's our fault, not the dogs, and it is totally unavoidable.


At the age of 2 is the point at which he becomes an adult and starts demanding to get his way. This comes from not accepting 'NO' and have not had enough, if any... rules or boundaries to live by and follow, because the human is just too lovey and kind, and lacks consistency and rules.


They failed to understand that they are dealing with an animal first and pet second. By not setting any rules and boundaries within the home, out on walks or your own personal space, the dog begins to believe it can decide how things go and starts demanding and pushing, even biting to get their way.

We can show you how to take back control and start living with those rules and boundaries. It won't be as easy as it is with puppies, but it can be done. You just have to believe in yourself and recognize that if you won't do it, you'll most likely have to surrender the dog. Let's not go there...​


Pack Leader Classes

​For the Demanding, Aggressive, Fearful or Anxious dog that won't listen and needs a smaller more intimate class with more personal time with the trainer.


Please call Mimi at Doggy Doolil Daycare to find out when our next class is scheduled fir 2024.

Recommended collar for class is the Martingale,, but slip leads work the best. No harness, muzzle, prong collar or treats. We are working towards communicating rather than begging them for attention. 

  • $200 

  • 4 x 1hr sessions
    (4 spots per class)


Puppy Portrait

Pack Leader For Puppies

There is no point in teaching basic obedience (except the sit) to a puppy under the age of 4 months. The main thing to focus on during your pup’s early development stage is how to build a relationship based on two things: trust and playfulness.


Teaching them how they fit into life and home, and what is expected of them is also important. Their mom and litter mates taught them the basics, and now we get to show them how we live and engage with them. Body language is key. And a language they already know.


Teaching them rules and boundaries of the home in a calm and assertive way, and in a language they understand will show them how to behave and what is allowed.


Redirecting negative activities like counter grazing and rearranging the furniture in a way they understand and respect is vital to succeed in potty training.


We will have one on one sessions in your home and we'll show you the natural dog way to distract your pup and create a happy home. Communication is key!

  • $250

  • 2 x 1hr sessions

Pack Leader the Adult dog 

Do you want a more social dog? Is your dog bored and lonely? Do you struggle with going to a dog park? A real pack leader doesn't get emotional or suffer nervous energy, so neither should you, if you want to be the pack leader in your own home.


In the wild, the pack leader uses calm-assertive energy to influence how the dog interacts with his surroundings. She enforces these laws in a quiet way, I'll teach you the great new and calm way to control your dog.

  • $200

  • 2 x 45 minute sessions 

Board & Train for Puppies
(3 to 10 months old)

Our Board & Train program is designed to teach your pup boundaries, rules, limitations, house training, nipping, counter grazing, jumping up, barking, sharing, socializing and confidence building all while attending a member based dog daycare and learning all the social graces of a wonderful dog. 

Upon completion of your 2 or 4 week programs, you will receive 1 or 2 one hour sessions instructing you on how to follow up on all the training your pup has received. I show you what the pup has learnt and how we communicate. You also receive free phone follow ups for the life of your dog.
You are now on your way to becoming a great Pack Leader!

  • $1200​/2 week program (includes 1 weekend)
  • $2300/4 week program (includes 2 weekends)
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