I’ve switched it up a bit and with my training program. Here it’s the human doing all the learning and the dog will simply follow the leader. You see, if you learn how to communicate with your dog in a way that the dog understands, you don't have to wait for the dog to learn english. If you learn how to read a dogs body language and behaviors, you won’t have any trouble teaching your dog anything, including walking a tight rope!

With just one session, I will set you up for success with your dog. You won’t need any other training, unless you chose to compete or do some fun agility, etc. You want your dog to focus and listen, and follow, and walk on a leash or go off leash. You want your dog to behave around your guests, but still warn you if something’s off and there is danger or an intruder. We don't want to stifle natural dog qualities that caused us to domesticate them in the first place. This is our best friend after all, so why not learn how to talk dog!

Puppy Portrait
Pack Leader for Puppies 

There is no point in teaching most obedience behaviours (except the sit) to a puppy under the age of 7 months. The main thing to focus on during your pup’s early development stage is how to build a relationship based on two things: trust and playfulness. The rest will come naturally. I’ll come to your home and show you the natural dog way to distract your pup and establish some rules.

Pack Leader for the Adult dog 

A real pack leader doesn't get emotional or suffer nervous energy, so neither should you if you want to be the pack leader in your home. In the wild, the pack leader uses calm-assertive energy to influence how the dog interacts with his surroundings. She enforces these laws in a quiet way, I'll teach you the great new and calm way to control your dog.

Basic Obedience Class (Private)

Our basic obedience class gives you the full attention you and your pup needs to learn focus and patience. These two are key to setting the ground work for any obedience you need, be it at the vets office or at the dog park or even walking the dog safely through the streets. The nice part about my class is, it really is up to you how many sessions you need. If you do the work and you pay attention, you could get all the info in just 2 sessions, with as much time between the two sessions you need for practising and perfecting the steps. You can take as long as you want. When you are ready for the next step, call and book it in. 

Dog Board & Train for Puppies 12  weeks to 8 months old 
Our Board & Train program is teaching Pack Leadership, and designed to have your pup here during the week, and home with you on the weekend. Instruction includes; boundaries, rules, limitations, house training, nipping, counter grazing, jumping up, barking, sharing, socialising and confidence building.
Pups must have had two of the three sets of shots to participate, as other healthy and up to date dogs will be there during daycare hours, and the personal dogs of the trainer will be part of the program. 

You will get one session of instruction and exercises designed just for you, to follow each week. It's vital that you make time for this session and that everyone living with the dog is there. Understanding your part as a pack leader at this time is going to help you win over your dog and finally help you feel like you have control of your life and your dog. Priceless...
This is not an option for those that want basic obedience. Some basic training like 'sit' is necessary for the program to have a base starting point. Pay close attention to the instructions for the first weekend at home, and focus on what is being done, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. 
Pups will be ready for the Basic Obedience training following the 4 week program, as long as the results are achieved and maintained on a regular and consistent basis, and the dog is over 7 months of age.