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Dog Training, Pack Leader Style!

Are you ready to learn?
Communicating is essential in training a dog. We need to learn how to speak dog, just as much as they must learn our ways of communicating. But just as a dog makes his personal boundary known when meeting a new dog, especially a pup, we also need to know how to set our own boundaries with them when we first meet, and in their language, so to speak. So in essence, we need some training. There is nothing more difficult than to unlearn our own bad behaviors. Most issues with dogs come from our lack of understanding how the dog sees us and what they will learn, if we aren't careful. 

My philosophy is, once you have accomplished setting your personal boundaries and you have taken a leadership position, cohabiting with a dog is a breeze, and the pup follows happily along in any situation. No whining or fuss. Just as a submissive dog shows us how it feels and responds to others, we can show them, in turn how we feel and think as 'master' of our dog!

Know this is setting you up for success, and that is Priceless!

When should I start training my dog?
Many new dog owners today don't realize that ‘right now’ is the time to start molding & shaping the behaviour you want in your dog. Puppies are just like a sponge… and they absorb and sometimes mimic everything they see or hear. So as soon as your pup comes into your home is a perfect time to show them how to fit into this new environment.


It’s a monkey see… monkey do thing. They love to be with you, as they are social creatures, so training them at the same time makes sense, as it is important that good habits are set early on, before he gets his own ideas. So the sooner the better. But be careful to overwhelm the pup and realize their focus and attention is not very long, and you don't want to turn them off from training. It should be fun and not too repetitious, but at first engaging and playful. 

”You become responsible forever for what you have tamed.”

Antoine de Saint Exupery

We recommend an interview to discuss the different training styles available to you. All private lessons include a phone consultation before the first lesson and a tailor-made program is created for you following the session, for a complete understanding of your specific needs. Unlimited free phone consultations are available following your session, and for the life of your dog.


  • Private one-on-one time with trainer

  • I come to your home and set you up for success

  • Learn at your own speed

  • Unlimited free phone follow-up

  • Flexible schedule

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