Private training session in your home or here at daycare, to deal with 1 specific behavioural issue.

  • On site $90 for 45 minutes

  • Off site $100 for 45 minutes

Pack Leadership - The Puppy 
Training includes; House training, counter grazing, nibbling, growling, sharing, socialization, boundaries & rules etc...
Full PL training


  • $300.00 / 2 Hr Private Session

Pack Leadership - The Adult dog 
What happened to my dog? Now 2 years old and you don't recognise your nice dog any more? We'll teach you how to take back your home and your favourite spot with just a small growl etc...

  • $250.00 / 2 Hr Private Session

Pack Leader 

Training for Dog Daycare Handlers, Kennel attendants, Volunteer rescue workers. First time dog owners (no dog)

  • $150.00 / 2 Hr Session

  • Mon-Fri daycare hours

  • One-on-one, held in daycare with up to 20 member dogs

  • Becoming Pack Leader

  • The obnoxious puppy

  • House training a puppy

  • The adult dog and what needs to happen

  • Rescues & Abused dogs. How to gain their trust

  • Basic behavioural issues

  • Learn basic body language and facial expression

  • Practice the right kind of growlMeant to replace yelling and screaming, to calm energies and gain control. 

Basic Obedience DOG TRAINING (Private)
For dogs 6 months or older
Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Stand, Wait, Heel
  • On site private 45 minute session $85.00 
    (in the evenings or weekend)

  • Off site private session $90.00 
    (at our local park on weekends)

  • Complete program is 3 sessions and you can take as much time in between session as you need for practice.

  • It gives back what you put in! 

Puppy Socialization Class 2 hrs
Starting May and through to end of August, we will be offering a social on Saturdays. We open the daycare up to a group of puppies for socialization and basic rules and boundaries. They will learn safe behavior and healthy play, and you will learn what to watch for. 

A trainer will be there to address any issues, and advice owners on tips and tricks to fix it.

  • $50/3 sessions (to be used over the summer)

  • Must preregister and pay via credit card

  • 12 noon to 2 pm

  • Must have first two shots, with proof

  • Must be dewormed with 'Interceptor' or similar

  • Must be between 12 to 22 weeks  old.


puppy BOARD & TRAIN 

Our Board & Train program is designed to have your puppy here during the week, and then home with you on the weekend, working on your training. It is not an obedience class.


Pups will be ready for Basic training following the 4 week program. 


  • $575.00 (Per Week, Mon - Fri.) 

  • Drop off and pick up available at a reasonable rate.

  • Free phone follow up during and after completion of program. 

  • Training session included, 1hr to follow each week.

  • Aggressive dogs will be cut from the program, and no refund will be issued.

  • Damage to property will be at dog owners expense.

  • Failure to give true account of dogs behavior also disqualifies you from the program.

*Above totals do not include GST, and require a non refundable $30 booking deposit. This goes towards your total invoice.  (excluding puppy social)

Dog Training, Pack Leader Style!

Are you ready to learn?

Communicating is essential in training a dog. We need to learn how to speak dog, just as much as they must learn our ways of communicating. But just as a dog wants to show his personal boundary when meeting a new dog, especially a pup, we also need to know how to set our own boundaries with them in their language, so to speak. So in essence, we need some training. 

My philosophy is, once you have accomplished setting your boundaries and taken a leadership position, cohabiting with a dog is a breeze, and the pup follows happily along in any situation. Just as a submissive dog shows us how it feels and responds to others, we can show them, in turn how we feel and think as 'master' of our own dog! Priceless!

When should I start training my dog?

Many new dog owners today don't realise that ‘right now’ is the time to start moulding & shaping the behaviour you want. Puppies are just like a sponge…and they absorb everything they smell, hear or see. So this is a perfect time to show them how to fit in. It’s a monkey see…monkey do thing.


They love to be with you, as they are social creatures, so training them at the same time makes sense, as it is important that good habits are set early on, before he gets his own ideas. So the sooner the better. 

”You become responsible
forever for what you have tamed.”

Antoine de Saint Exupery

We recommend an interview to discuss the different training styles available to you. All private lessons include a phone consultation before the first lesson and a tailor-made program is created for you following the session, for a complete understanding of your specific needs. Unlimited free phone consultations are available following your session.


  • Private one-on-one time with trainer

  • Learn at your own speed.

  • Unlimited free phone follow-up.

  • Flexible schedule

  • Growl session

  • Pack leadership training for daycare owners and employees, or anyone wanting to start dog walking.

This May 2019, we will be offering puppy socialization classes again on the second and last Saturday of each month. This class will give your pup a chance to meet with new and different kinds of dogs than what they are used to from the litter, but also different play styles, energies and temperaments.


You will be advised on how to handle new and difficult situations and also learn some dog body language, so you can better assess the world around you and your pup.  

Prepare your questions ahead of class so we can address all your concerns. You must pre-register for this class via credit card to hold your spot. This confirms your spot, as we wouldn't want you to be the only one showing up, or be turned away because we are all filled up. For ages 12 weeks to 22 months.