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We had some serious issues with our 14 month old black lab. Mimi came to us and met our puppy and sat down with us and explained many things in detail of how to correct his behaviour. This was Sept 1/19, now Sept 6th we have a completely different puppy.


He is no longer continuing the behaviour and he is a pleasure to be around. it's been 5 days and I didn't think it was possible we had tried everything. I know it is still new but as long as we keep up our boundaries and limitations I know we will continue to have a wonderful family pet.

Thank you so much Mimi!


My dog Max has been a pack member at Mimi’s daycare for six years. Max was a rescue who came to live with us when he was three. He is part terrier so some of his behaviours were very challenging.


After he became a pack member at Doggy DooLil his behaviour changed for the better. Mimi was able to help me with tips on how to show him that I was the boss and not him.


Mimi is gentle but firm with all of the members. She runs a very professional business that I highly recommend. Max is always happy to see his friends at Doggy DooLil Daycare.


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This daycare has been so wonderful for our dog! The owner, Mimi, is amazing to watch with the dogs. They listen to her and respect her in such a way that I decided to also book some training with our Frenchie, Zoe.


The results were awesome, and have made my life easier too because our dog has started to look at me as the leader.


I trust Mimi wholeheartedly to look after my dog and I also trust her to tell me the truth. The advice she has given me in regards to my dogs behavior has worked every time.


Highly recommend!

Colleen 2018


I would absolutely recommend Mimi and Doggy DooLil. When we first got our lab puppy she was beautiful but she was a handful. She was destructive and disobedient. For 10 months we tried everything we could think of from training to finally anxiety medication. Took her to the vet repeatedly. Met with different trainers and sought out advice from our dog owner friends.
We were quickly losing all hope that we would be able to keep her in our home if we could not get her under control. I was afraid to come home after work to see what was destroyed at the house or if the teenagers were more scared of her.

Then I found Mimi!!
We met with Mimi and after just a few days of daycare I started to see some hope. Mimi offered us alternate techniques to try for training when she was at home with us. After only 3 weeks of part-time daycare our beautiful puppy no longer needed her anxiety medication. Mimi and her daycare provides both the love and the outdoor and indoor activities for these dogs to thrive!
After 3 months of going to the daycare part-time we asked if we could increase the amount of daycare days because of how excited our puppy was to go in the morning to see Mimi and play with her puppy friends.

We now have a loving but rambunctious playful puppy that doesn’t destroy our house. She now gives us cuddles and kisses and no longer struggles with anxiety . Thank you Mimi for caring about our dogs.

Shannon & Rascal

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