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Welcome Oscar!

Please welcome Oscar!

Hes a 10 month old Frenchie and the life of the party today. Its his first day here, and he's friends with everyone already. The pack welcomed him right away.

He joined us from another daycare that sadly could not survive 2020 and the struggle to keep their door open. Four daycares had to close their doors in the past year.

I'm so fortunate and blessed to be able to continue offering this service here at my home.

Working from home is now the new norm, and it was my intent 17 years ago. Mainly the reason was to stay home to raise my daughters, and this dog daycare g me that opportunity, and I don't have to struggle to make that 2nd rent.

Here is Oscar surrounded by all his new friends and pack members.

Here's to a good 2021.

Mimi Jacobson C.P.D.T

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