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The pool is out!

It was so warm yesterday that I decided to take out and clean the pool, and set it up for the dogs to use today. Now it's not as hot as it was yesterday, where the temperatures rose to 26 degrees but it's pool weather for sure.

Well today it only reached 21 degrees, and two dogs got in the pool when I was filling it, but I wasn't able to catch them going in when the camera came out. I believe they know the camera is there, and its like they freeze or switch things up on me, so capturing that great picture becomes very difficult.

Here we are playing ball. I threw it in the pool, and Rascal was the only one that would go in to grab it. She loves the pool. My dog Sandy isn't too sure about it, but I'm hoping this year he will be more willing, and not so scared of it.

Vinny the English Bulldog is just a bit overwhelmed when the water hose comes out. LOL He wants to eat, destroy...or what ever it is he wants, he wants it with over the top energy and spirit. I have to time him out so I can clean the yard. LOL He was the first one in the pool today.

The dogs in this pic from top left to bottom right are; Cooper, Rosie Rascal, Charlie, Sandy and Kobi.

They are playing ball and are not releasing the ball as asked. I think it's spring, because its like they all lost their minds. LOL

Mimi Jacobson C.P.D.T

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