• Mimi Jacobson C.P.D.T

A note from Mimi the Pack Leader

Here at Doggy DooLil daycare we believe that it is necessary for all dogs to look forward to having their own vacay. When they see your suitcases come out and you start packing, they must feel the excitement in the air. Will they wonder if you are taking them along...will they be left with the strange neighbour or will they get to come play at 'Mimi's place'?

As a member of our daycare or apart of our community or the greater Vancouver area, you can rest assured your dog will feel safe, and will be trusted and respected like the family dog. Here we do not put dogs in a kennel or crate. Some fancy places advertise that they are a daycare and boarding facility, but the reality is it's just a fancy kennel, where the dog gets locked away for hours from other dogs and different energies, and not given much time to run around and make friends.

My place provides a low-stress environment. It gives the dog a chance to burn off some pent up energy and gives him or her good boundaries and rules to follow. When boarding with us we maintain their diet so all of his or her needs are met. And treat time is our favourite time of day. Dogs are highly social animals who respond well to social interaction with people and other dogs. here we expose the dogs to my grandchildren, so they get comfortable with the young and high spirited energy that can normally cause dogs to react to children in a fearful way. They love to play in groups and they even sleep in groups, hence the expression 'Dog Pile'. They thrive in a social environment and it keeps them young and lean and the mind focused. They learn respect and social graces from each other, and that goes far out in the real world.

Give Doggy DooLil's team a chance to show you and your dog what a good dog vacay or even regular daycare could really be like. Contact us today for more information, or to book one of our superior services.

With warm wishes,

Mimi Jacobson C.P.D.T

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